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My son Ory has grown so much over the last year and a half, and we owe a lot of that growth to The Center! Here’s a little of our story: Ory is a very smart, sweet, & fun little boy. He loves cars, Disney World, chicken nuggets, riding his Skuut, playing outside, numbers, and learning!

We always knew our son was a sensitive little guy, even from a young age. He would show signs of discomfort when he heard others around him cry, laugh, cheer, or even cough loudly. We just thought it was something he would outgrow. Then, we attempted preschool in the fall of 2014. We pulled him out after three weeks, because he was having such a hard time. After doing tons of research online, I discovered The Center for Childhood Development.

"Ory began trusting Jennifer, trying new things, playing with her, and just having fun during his therapy."


I contacted them through their website and was quickly contacted to set up an appointment for an evaluation. We met with our therapist, Jennifer Rewa, and soon began going to weekly Occupational Therapy (OT) sessions with her. Ory began trusting Jennifer, trying new things, playing with her, and just having fun during his therapy. All the while, we started noticing improvements at home.

A few months after working with Ory, Jennifer suggested that we get another evaluation, and it was at that time (almost a year ago), that Ory was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and with anxiety. The diagnosis honestly didn’t scare us. Our little guy was the same little guy! We had already observed big changes in him through his therapy, and would continue to do the same things. Instead of being scared of other kids, he started playing near/with them. He became buddies with another little boy there, and they invited each other to their 5th birthday parties this past summer. That is another thing…he actually wanted to have a birthday party, something that often would scare him. We were thrilled! He participated in a summer social group, and it was great to see them having fun together, while working through things they each needed help with. We found an amazing school, and Ory went to a few summer school classes to get him ready for the fall. This past fall, Ory started Young 5’s, and there was NO tears on his first day.

"Everyone who knew him before comments on how much he has grown."

When we look back on when we first found this amazing place and his wonderful therapists, we barely recognize us, or Ory. We were all so scared at back then. But now Ory is thriving in school and is ready for Kindergarten in the fall. He’s a great big brother to his little sister and he loves playing with other kids. Everyone who knew him before comments on how much he has grown. He still has some struggles to overcome, but I know that with the Center for Childhood Development as our partner, Ory will be successful!

We feel like we have our life back and are enjoying our family. Thank you so much!!!!!