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As a parent, it’s exciting to watch our kids learn to walk; their steps are uneven, their arms are high in the air, and sometimes, they are on the balls of their feet. Toe walking can be completely normal when kids first learn to walk. But what if they've been walking for weeks, months, and even years, and they are still up on their toes?


First and foremost, remember…

toe walking can be normal, and most kids do outgrow it. But after the age of 2, if your child is continuing to walk on his or her toes, it’s best to see your pediatrician or physical therapist for further evaluation.

So, what’s the big deal about walking on your toes?

Toe walking can have a lasting impact on our bodies, including:

  1. Physical changes to the foot, with the heel becoming smaller and the ball of the foot becoming wider, which can make finding shoes that fit more challenging.
  2. Leg and back pain.
  3. Increased occurrence of trips and falls from catching toes.
  4. Increased risk of ankle sprains from lack of stability and balance strategies.
  5. Decreased endurance because walking on toes takes much more energy.

How will physical and occupational therapy help?

Your child’s therapists will assess musculoskeletal, neuromotor, and sensory systems to determine the best course of treatment. Each child is unique, and recommendations will be individually tailored to best meet his or her needs. 

My child is still toe walking. Now what?

If your child is older than the age of 2 AND walks on his or her toes more than 50% of the time, contact us for further evaluation.