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Therapy disguised as holiday gifts? Yes, please! Enjoy this gift-giving guide from our therapists.


  • Labyrinth by Ravensburger. Ages 7+, 2-4 players. A higher-level game excellent for problem-solving, reasoning, flexibility, and working memory. 

  • Space Escape: Mole Rats in Space by Peaceable Kingdom. Ages 7+, 2-4 players. This is a cooperative game that's great for proble
    m-solving, planning ahead, flexibility, and working memory. Also great for practicing some common articulation errors including "r", "s-blends", "th", and "l". 

  • Dog Crimes and/or Cat Crimes by Thinkfun. Ages 8+, single player or cooperative as a team. Excellent for inferencing, deductive reasoning, language processing, following complex directions, and flexible thinking. 

  • Outfoxed! by Gamewright. Ages 5+, 2-4 players. This is another great cooperative game that works on deductive reasoning, organization of ideas and information, language processing skills, and recalling information. 

  • Gnomes at Night by Peaceable Kingdom. Ages 6+, 2-4 players. A cooperative game that is great for perspective-taking, descriptive language, and communication! The directions include using a timer but it is also fun (and a little less stressful) to play without the time component. 
  • We love cooperative games – the Peaceable Kingdom series is always a win.

Visit Kelli's "Game On" article for even more game recommendations.








Looking for something that's not here? Ask your therapist during your next visit – we're certain they'll have suggestions.